Get Fit and Flexible while having fun!!!!

 Specialising in Acroyoga and AY fit classes we offer an alternative to your ordinary classes. We are planting the seed for like minded people to create connection, trust and grow together in a safe and loving space. We ask you to bring your inner child to laugh and play, forget the outside world and get back in touch with your mind and body. There is something for everyone, we offer a range of classes from from a more dynamic workout with AYFit (partner fitness), to therapeutic flying and Thai massage and granny yoga. Unless stated classes are aimed towards beginners and focus on creating firm foundations upon which to build a solid practice. With firm foundations that transition to more advanced flows will be smooth and safe. More experienced students are always welcome and variations will be given wherever possible to keep your practice evolving.

WEST COAST ACRO TOUR with the Nourishing Nomad- Featuring Darwin and Timor

West Coast Acro Tour and

Land and Launch Lombok Success

Tori is back in Perth and can't wait to spread more acroyoga love after a very successful retreat in the tropical paradise of Lombok. Herself and Raven Smith- The Nourishing Nomad guided students form all over the world through a week of Acro Yoga and upside down goodness. Over the week they not only saw the skills, body awareness and communication of each person expand and grow beyond belief, they witnessed the formation of special bonds and life changing moments for all that were involved. Her next big adventure is coming up in Peru with  Dance-Acro-Yoga-Movement training.

The Face of FireFlight Yoga

Tori McLarty has travelled the world to train with the founders of and many talented acro teachers and can't wait to share these incredible, life changing practices with you. Tori has a wide and varied foundation from corporate health promotion to hands on construction. These experiences combined with her zest for life marry into a balanced and magnetic teaching sytle. Tori was originally teaching yoga to corporate clients and the world rich and famous. She was drawn to the acrobatic nature of Acroyoga and AYFit. Evolving through the training she has gained a new found respect and love of the therapeutic/rejuvenating side of it that has allowed her to grow and expand her heart in the most wonderful and special way. Travel is in Tori's blood and the adventures, fueled by a want to enhance her life experiences, have taken her all over the world. These travels have ignited a fire inside her and the need to share her love and passion for movement, healthy connections and being in tune with yourself to experiencing all that is out there. Tori lives what she teaches.

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